Trout Creek is proud to be the sponsoring church of Sabine and, his brother, Florine Boruga, native missionaries to Romania. Sabine spent several years in the States studying at Southwestern Seminary, and is currently finishing his Masters Degree online. Sabin and his wife, Mirella, have one daughter, Emily, and are proud to be serving Jesus Christ on the mission field. We at Trout Creek, count it as a privilege to be a part of this ministry.



The brothers are passionate about planting churches and have planted seven churches across Romania to date. They have a great desire to reach the upcoming generation for Christ. In Sabine’s words, “I thank God because he taught me a lot of things on how to work with young people during my time in USA.”

One of the the ministries that Sabin is proud to be a part of is cooking and bring bread to people that cannot afford food. Meeting physical needs paves a path to meeting spiritual needs.

Trout Creek is also proud to have one of our own on the mission field in Southeast Asia. She is passionate about serving the Lord through ministering to others and sharing the Gospel. She serves through the Pioneers Mission Agency. You can find out more about them at www.pioneers.org.

Please prayer for the Boruga family  and our own missionary as they continue to labor for the Lord in Romania and around the world.

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